Friday, February 13, 2009

As promised: Paul Rieckoff on Afghanistan

On The Rachel Maddow Show last night, Paul Rieckoff (IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN VETERANS OF AMERICA) covered a number of topics. Among them, Afghanistan:
RIECKHOFF: "... People are finally starting to understand that troops alone are not the answer. It is not an antidote to violence.

You don‘t just drop in 30,000 troops and wave a magic wand and call it democracy and make it look like New Jersey. It‘s going to take comprehensive effort that include micro-financing. The State Department has got to get involved. Secretary Gates deserves a lot of credit for - well, he leads the Defense Department, calling for more State Department resources.

[transcript, 12 Feb 2009]
Note his praise of Gates for engaging the State Dept!

Again: if anyone has brilliant ideas about how to proceed in Afghanistan - send 'em in. (No - not to me! To your elected Representative, Senators, SecDef Gates, SoS Clinton... )

Why'd we invade Iraq?

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