Thursday, February 26, 2009

As promised: what Krugman actually said

Loyal readers know that I've been hankering to see a "playbook" from SecTreas Geithner for spending TARP $$$.
(This after former SecTreas Paulson declared that, "There is no playbook for responding to turmoil we have never faced.")

Yesterday I noted that Paul Krugman is also waiting to see Geithner's playbook. Here's what he had to say on Countdown:
KRUGMAN: "... On the banks, I really can‘t see. There really seems to be, we are going to put in some more money, we‘re going to, you know, say stern things to the bankers about how they should behave better, but if there is a strategy there, it‘s continuing to be a mystery to me and to everybody I talk to."
[emphasis added]
It's nice to be in such good company.

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