Thursday, February 26, 2009

9000 earmarks

Okay - I don't usually venture into media criticism.
I (mostly) avoid snide remarks about Rush Limbaugh.

But Sean Hannity's 9000 earmarks is just too easy a target!

H.R. 1 (the "stimulus bill") runs to 647 pages.
9000 earmarks? That's just shy of 14 earmarks per page.
It should be pretty easy for Hannity to pull up the bill, pick a couple of pages at random, and find at least ONE earmark.
Does he do this? No.
Rather, he waves a sheaf of papers & states, "I have a list of... part of the 9000 earmarks." He offers to read 'em (if we'd like).

Hmmm... where have I heard this before? Oh, yeah!
"In my hands I have a list of 205 members of the State Department that are Communists."
[Joseph McCarthy, 9 Feb 1950, Wheeling W.Va]
You'd think waving a sheaf of papers around & saying, "I have a list...", would be avoided by TV "journalists" - even on Fox.

You'd think...


  1. It's a tactic that works on the truly gullible.

  2. Earmarks aren't necessarily bad. Earmarks saved Amtrak when the GOP had the White House and congressional majorities.