Thursday, February 19, 2009

Public service: Iraq's Provincial Elections

The results of Iraq's recent Provincial elections have been released. 14 of 18 provinces reporting.
Iraqi provincial election results

I'll not list 'em.

I WILL note that my predictions of Sadrist victory were wrong.
In Baghdad, Sadrists got 5 of 57 seats.
In Babil, 3 of 30 seats.
In Basra, 2 of 35 seats.
In Dhi Qar, 7 of 31 seats.
In Kharbala, 4 of 27 seats.
In Maysan, 7 of 27 seats.
In Muthanna, 2 of 26 seats.
In Najaf, 6 of 28 seats.
In Qadisiyah, 2 of 28 seats.
In Wasit, 3 of 28 seats.
Total: 41 seats of 440 total.

By contrast, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's Coalition of the State of Law party got 126 seats.

Note: these are seats on provincial councils, not in parliament.

Now you know.

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