Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blast from the past: bin Laden won!

From Osama bin Laden's speech of October 29, 2004:
"As previously mentioned, it was easy for us to provoke this administration and to drag it [after us]. It was enough for us to send two Jihad fighters to the farthest east to hoist a rag on which 'Al-Qa'ida' was written – that was enough to cause generals to rush off to this place, thereby causing America human and financial and political losses, without it accomplishing anything worthy of mention, apart from giving business to [the generals'] private corporations. Besides, we gained experience in guerilla warfare and in conducting a war of attrition in our fight with the iniquitous, great power, that is, when we conducted a war of attrition against Russia with Jihad fighters for 10 years until they went bankrupt, with Allah's grace; as a result, they were forced to withdraw in defeat, all praise and thanks to Allah. We are continuing in the same policy – to make America bleed profusely to the point of bankruptcy, Allah willing. And that is not too difficult for Allah."
[emphasis added.]
Recall, this is the guy that W vowed to get, "Dead or Alive".

I'd say he's won - if not the war, at least most of the battles!

For what it's worth: this isn't just my snarky anti-W opinion:
Recession, bailout, stimulus: US security threats?
26 Feb 2009
WASHINGTON – Trillions of dollars in government spending might stabilize the economy, but for now it may have weakened some U.S. security interests abroad and hampered the nation's ability to respond financially to an attack at home.
Heckuva job, W!

[Recall: during the presidential campaign I suffered occasional moments of weakness during which I sort of hoped McCain would win... because I didn't want to see Obama saddled with the mess that W created! - Who would wish this on his worst enemy?]

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