Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Update: Moody's Economy.com

In post below I gave some "bang for the buck" numbers from a report by Mark Zandi of Moody's Economy.com.

In the post I noted that I couldn't vouch for the pedigree of Economy.com or Mark Zandi.

Now I know a bit more: Mark Zandi was one of the economists on Candidate McCain's advisory committee of economists:
All the Candidate’s Economists: McCain’s Team
Sen. John McCain released a list of his advisory committee of economists Thursday. The list includes some well-known business economists.

Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Economy.com, is one of the most widely quoted economists in news articles. In an interview, he said he became involved with the campaign over a year ago through Kevin Hassett, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and adviser to Mr. McCain in 2000. Though a registered Democrat, Mr. Zandi calls himself “eclectic … I’ve done work for both Democrats and Republicans.” On whether his advisory position would compromise the advice he gives clients, he said a possible conflict had yet to arise. If it did, he would recuse himself. Asked whether his employer, Moody’s Corp., had a policy on employees participating in campaigns, Mr. Zandi said, “I don’t know. I guess I’d better find out.”
Now you & I know.

The numbers cited are from a registered Democrat who accepted a position on John McCain's campaign.

Given the cognitive dissonance apparent in Zandi's decision, I'd bet on his analysis being more-or-less "objective".
(I'm more than willing to concede that there's no such thing as "objectivity".)

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