Wednesday, February 25, 2009

They're our nominal allies. Can we listen to 'em?

Strikes Worsen Qaeda Threat, Pakistan Says
Published: February 24, 2009, NYT
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — American missile strikes have reduced Al Qaeda’s global reach but heightened the threat to Pakistan as the group disperses its cells here and fights to maintain its sanctuaries, Pakistani intelligence officials said.

The officials acknowledge that the strikes and raids by the Pakistani military are proving effective, having killed as many as 80 Qaeda fighters in the past year. But they express growing alarm that the drone strikes in particular are having an increasingly destabilizing effect on their country.

[emphasis added.]

Note: Pakistan's definition of "effective" is number of bad guys killed.

But the larger point. Maybe I'm hopelessly naive and misinformed - but isn't a STABLE Pakistan to our advantage in our efforts to diminish al Qaeda's influence, and in our efforts to stabilize Afghanistan?

We've been killing bad guys for seven years. I don't know how long we've been killing bad guys by launching missile strikes into Pakistan, but it's been longer than a couple of weeks.
IT'S NOT WORKING! (Unless your only metric is "number of bad guys killed.")

Special Envoy Holbrooke, I implore you: stop the madness!

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