Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another graph...

This one a "bar chart":

Now - I'm not a political scientist or an expert on public opinion... BUT: it seems to me that Senate Republicans oughta recognize that their obstructionist stance ain't gonna git 'em any votes!

Given the failure of Obama's "bipartisan" initiatives, I'm advocating for an expansion of the original House bill when the thing goes to House/Senate conference.
If Senate Republicans threaten to filibuster... well, let 'em!. What better way to show that Republicans don't give a hoot about you & me than to see 'em filibustering a desperately needed stimulus bill?

Critics of my stance - both on this blog, and in responses to my comments on other blogs - suggest that I'm "cutting off my nose to spite my face." - suggesting that while the Republicans are filibustering, America is bleeding.

My counter-argument?
First: yes, you're right - while the Republicans are filibustering, America is bleeding.
I view this as a small tactical price to pay for eventual strategic advantage.

Eventually - and I expect this be no longer than 3 days - more than a few Republicans will realize that their performance is being very badly reviewed, and will happily vote with the Dems to end the filibuster.
We get a better bill: a very large strategic victory for the price of 3 days of bleeding.

That, at any rate, is how I've framed the argument in letters to my two Democratic Senators.

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